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Project Sponsorship

The 7 Key Roles of the Executive Sponsor in Modern Project Management Perhaps the most crucial roles in any project is the Executive Sponsor role. Often underestimated, weak project sponsorship leads towards a dramatic increase in failure rates, a waste of budget and prolonged deadlines. All these pitfalls can be prevented with strong sponsorship, a […]

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Quick Tips for Scrum Meetings that Work

Make no doubt about it the early scrum (Planning and Daily)  meetings set the tone for all the following activities of the project. With Scrum, life cycles are short and the pace hot with little time afterwards to re-jig team attitudes and behavior.  With the early meeting setting the tone for the rest of the […]

Why Going Agile and Embracing Change is Easier that You Thought

Inside every project manager is an ‘agilist’, trying to get out. In fact, that’s true of everyone in a project team. While the status quo and comfort zones have an undeniable attraction for our lazy streaks, we’re not made to do the same things over and over again. We may be apprehensive about change, but […]


The Real Truth about Getting Disengaged Sponsors Involved Again

When interest levels of the project sponsors drop, it’s bad news for everyone. Bad for the business that has invested resources. Bad for the project manager and team who find themselves without an essential source of support. And bad for the end-user who may then get a product or service that doesn’t meet requirements or simply […]

When Saying ‘No’ is Best for Both You and Your Customer

“Just say No.” How many times have we heard that advice? In some situations, it may be the best or even the only course of action. But for customers eagerly pushing for extra features or accelerated delivery schedules for a project, being that blunt could cause problems. On the other hand, appearing indecisive or setting […]