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Waterfall Vs Scrum

I’m often asked if Scrum is better than Waterfall or Waterfall better than Scrum. Waterfall advocates that we do a significant amount of design upfront. But its not possible to do it all up upfront. That would be crazy and simply never happened in any traditional project that I was involved it. Scrum advocated that […]

Starting the Agile Journey

Agile Training Recently I have had the opportunity to present to students taking Project Management certificates and diploma courses with one of the University programs in Dublin. I was asked to do 1 day on agile out of the 10 or 12 day programme. These are all experienced employees spending considerable time and money on […]

Business Analyst is not the same as a Product Owner

The Product Owner is not the same person as Business Analyst. The key is in the name, its all about ownership. A Business Analyst collects and analyses requirements which is a major part of a product owner role but there is a lot more to it than analysis. The product owner roles is to Create […]

Planning and Execution of Test Cases During Agile Development Iterations

Introduction During the software development process it is vital to establish a robust process of software quality assurance, even if you are developing using an Agile development methodology. It is important to mention that Agile development should not be confused with development without a defined quality management software. It is strongly recommended that the tasks […]

Agile Estimation: Approaches

Agile Estimation: Approaches The software development process, with its constant uncertainties and frequent changes, together with the difficulty in getting users to articulate their requirements, has long been a headache for project managers. Agile development processes still bring with them some of these headaches, but we can simplify the estimation process. I have listed some […]


How do you eat an Elephant

How do you Eat an Elephant So we have heard the saying, How do you eat an Elephant – One Bite at a Time. Well that’s not how project managers eat elephants – Project manager share the elephant – divide it up and find the right people to do the eating. Why?  There are a […]


Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers

Five Results from Emotional Upgrade   The people side of project management (or any management role) is the hard bit. We have to effect action and change while being conscious that we cant make people do things. We got to get them to take action for their own reasons. Being emotionally aware can really help […]