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Project Schedules the Management Model on Agile Methodology

Agile Development: Project Schedules on an Agile Methodology If you come from a traditional project management background, or if you have a Project Management Office (PMO) that needs a project monitoring tool or status, then you’ll be used to Gantt charts; but in Agile we’ve got even better tools for the management and visualisation of […]

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Is estimating a waste of time

Our world is built up of plans and estimate, business judge the CEO’s and senior manager by the estimates they produce and how they deliver on them. Without estimate we can’t prepare for the future. In our daily life we plan using estimates, like how long will it take us to get to the airport, […]

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Scrum Master is not a Project Manager

The Specific Reasons Why a Scrum Master is Not a Project Manager   Companies new to Agile often fall into the crucial trap of mistaking the Scrum Master role with the role of a Project Manager. This often leads towards a dramatic detriment in productivity, since the Scrum Master role requires a very specific skillset […]

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Agile – back to basis

Back to Basics: When was the last time you looked at the Agile Manifesto?   The Agile Software Development method was officially introduced in 2001 (http://agilemanifesto.org/). However, evidence of similar incremental software development methods dates back to as early as 1957. The recent hype due to the method’s continuous improvement and rapid development led to […]

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User Stories – Invest

The Six Attributes of a User Story and Why They All Count The current best practice in Agile Software Development to clearly and briefly describe the functionality from the end-user’s perspective is the User Story. High quality User Stories will become part of the product backlog iteration. Weak User Stories are a waste of time […]

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Programmes are about Strategy,

I’m currently working with a multinational organisation to build out the strategy to empower the business to take advantage of new regulations coming in as a result of de-regulation in Europe (Hmmm). We are working on a Programme to implement the strategy to deal with these changes in our marketplace.   For me Programmes are not […]

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PMI-ACP, Agile, PMP, Scrum, Agile Certified Practitioner

The PMI-ACP is not difficult  but it does throw up some strange questions as the PMI try to relate the traditional PMP material to the  Agile methodologies. Many of the analysis techniques like  earned value are difficult to related to software development in a waterfall environment and applying them to agile seems like an unnecessary […]

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Scrum Values

Scrum Values apply to all the team not just the Scrum Master or Product Owner and they are Values that can be effectively applied to Agile and traditional waterfall methods. When moving from waterfall to Agile there values are the first thing for the Scrum Master to get the agile team to buy into.   […]