PRINCE2® Foundation Training and Exam Dublin

What is PRINCE2 Foundation?

PRINCE2® is a well-established project management methodology used in business and government. It provides a proven best practice model that ensures project delivery is on time, on budget and of high quality. PRINCE2 training is used extensively by the UK Government, PRINCE2  is also widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. The PRINCE2 certification is recognized world wide as a valuable project management training certification and offers some of the best practices and guidance for project management roles.

PRINCE2 training provides individuals with the a certification and training to be able to have greater control of resources and have the ability to manage project risk more effectively.

Each student that passed the exam will be provided with a PRINCE2® certification and will appear on the PRINCE2® Successful Candidate Registers.

Who can benefit from PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 Foundation can benefit many individuals working in any particular sector that are undertaking some form of project management or managing a business. Here are some examples of who might benefit from a PRINCE2 training certification.

  • Individuals seeking training for leading project management skills and also to improve potential employment opportunities.
  • Project Managers
  • Directors/Executives of projects and training groups
  • Organisations

How can PRINCE2 benefit your organisation?

For organisations, PRINCE2 training provides the architecture and standards on how projects are to be delivered in a specific manner. PRINCE2 provides a common and consistent approach to project delivery. PRINCE2 training ensures that there is a controlled start, middle and end with consistent reviews of progress against plan.

Topics Covered in the PRINCE2® Foundation Training

  • Introduction to PRINCE2 and Project Management
  • PRINCE2 Methodology and Project Management structure
  • The PRINCE2 Principles
  • The PRINCE2 Themes
  • The PRINCE2 Processes
  • The PRINCE2 Tailoring
  • Understand the PRINCE2 Project Management

Following the stages covered in the foundation course, the PRINCE2® Exam takes place on the last day in the afternoon.


PRINCE2 Training

PRINCE2 Training

About Althris – PRINCE2 Training

Althris is an established PRINCE2 Certified training business who take an interactive approach to all our training sessions. With years of experience in training PRINCE2 classes we are delighted to be able to offer our training services to Ireland and the UK. We offer a range of different project management training sessions including PRINCE2, Scrum Master, PMI-ACP and Kanban. We offer both in-class training for PRINCE2 with a certification and online training for PRINCE2 also with a certification. When you choose to work with us, we take you beyond the traditional training methods you become accustom too. Just like the business world, training methods are ever changing and developing. We’ll work with you to adopt new approaches and techniques, helping you to achieve measurable and sustainable results through our certified training.


What will a PRINCE2 qualification do for me?

A PRINCE2 Certification will boost your confidence when it comes to managing projects. A PRINCE2 Certification will also greatly improve your employment prospects as PRINCE2 training is recognized worldwide. The training and ground work that PRINCE2 provide is second to none and will greatly improve all project management skills.

Which countries recognise PRINCE2 training?

There have been over a million exams taken globally for PRINCE2 certifications making it the most popular project management methodology. PRINCE2 is recognized globally as project management training certification.

Does PRINCE2 ensure successful projects?

No! PRINCE2 only gives the guidelines and training for management of projects but if applied correctly it should increase project success.

Can PRINCE2 be used for non-IT projects?

Yes it can. Unlike the first version of PRINCE, PRINCE2 has been designed to suite any project of any nature.

Where can I sit PRINCE2 Exams?

PRINCE2 exams can be taken at an accredited training company. At Althris we provide you with online examinations for PRINCE2 certifications.

Who should attend PRINCE® Foundation Training?

This course targets project managers and team members that wish to consider or are using PRINCE2®

Althris has an outstanding pass rate at PRINCE2® training in Dublin. Highly experience local trainer that present this intensive course in a lively and engaging format.

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