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Sample I Quiz

PMP sample quiz based on the PMP exam. 25 Random questions. This is should take you about half an hour to do.

This is a sample question set, partially based on feedback from my students but I’ve balanced it with my own as they generally only remember  the HARD questions

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Welcome to your PMP Open Quiz, Project Management Institute

You are managing a project to deliver 12 engines at a budgeted cost of 60m over 12 months. You are now in month 4 and you have completed 5 engines and spent 25m. What is the SPI and status of your project.

What is the SPI and Status of the project. This one is from the memory of a Deloitte Ireland employee who too the exam in March 2017.

Sam is mid way through working on a project with few options for accelerating project completion.  Additional resources are not available,  the budget is severely constrained and the project must deliver key objectives sooner than the schedule currently shows possible.  Which of the following options would Sam consider first to meet the deadlines.

(Althris submissing October 2016)

You project is running very much on track up to now but during execution you realise that key resources promised earlier are now not available. Which of the following is the best option.
The primary function of the closing process is to perform which of the following
The Change Control Board has recently approved a scope change. This seems to be a regular occurrence on this large project, you know that scope change might come about as a result of all of the following except which one?
Earned value = 650, planned value = 550, actual cost = 700. What is the schedule variance at this point in time?

You are one year into a three year multimillion dollar project. The project CPI =.91 and the project SPI is 1.15. The Project is only earning $.91 for every dollar spent, while it is 15% ahead of schedule. As a result, the project manager has assembled the project team to review options for correcting the budget overage.

Which of the following would best address the budget overage issue?

Your next door neighbour is a team member on a project as a business analyst. He mentions to you that he had met with their project manager today to talk about a really good idea he had for a useful change to the project. He expresses frustration to you because he fully expected approval to go ahead with the change, but instead ,he was requested to write a report documenting the specific benefit on the change. As a project manager yourself what would be the most appropriate response?

In your project, there have been several changes in the cost and schedule estimates and the original estimating assumptions are no longer valid. What is the Estimate at Complete for your project?

BAC = $ 300,000
AC = $ 100,000
EV = $ 150,000
ETC = $ 120,000

What is the late finish date for task 2

Quality assurance is needed in every project based on your organizational process assets and enterprise environmental factors. Which of the following statements best defines quality assurance?

You are the project manager for a construction project. One of the identified risks within the project has a 20 percent chance of happening. If the risk occurs, it will cost your project an additional $150,000. Given this, what is the contingency amount you’ll need for this risk event?

You are having some home renovation done. The project should take five days and cost €1,500 per day to complete. After 3 days the project is 30% complete and €5000 has been spent. What is the estimate to complete.

You and the vendor are in a dispute about the work within the project. The vendor is demanding payment for work they completed. You disagree with their demands. What is the likely outcome of this scenario?

You are the project manager for your organization. Your management team is determining which project should be initiated based on the present value of two projects. Project A will be worth $750,000 in three years. Project B will be worth $ 478,000 in two years. What is the present value of Project A if the interest rate is six percent?

You are working with management on the project planning processes. They want to know why you’re spending time on risk management planning so early in the project planning. Which one of the following is the best response to management’s concern?

A project sponsor is studying the project contract and going through the narrative description of products and services to be supplied under contract. He is also meeting key stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts to evaluate whether or not the project is worth the required investment. Which of the following documents would be created as an output in the process?

After awarding contract to one of the sellers, you realize you have missed a clause for delay in the contract and want to modify it. How should you proceed further?

During software code inspection in a major  development project, one of the project management team identified frequent occurrences of critical programming errors. These errors are scattered across the software and occur without a pattern. Which tool is most likely to help the team identify areas of error to focus on.

You are working on a project to build a new runway at Dublin Airport. You have reached the planned half way mark. The total planned cost at this stage is fifty million euro. The actual work that has been completed is valued at 40 Million. You have already spent one billion Euro on the project (Sound Right ?) . What is the CPI?

The cost of correcting defects is found to be the highest for those which are

What is the process for aggregating the estimated cost of individual activities or work packages to establish a cost baseline known as

A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the preliminary project scope statement and the project charter. The first thing the project manager must do is:

Tom the builder (General Contractor or Main Contractor) and project manager has recently been been on an up-skilling course organised by the Institute of structural engineers. Tom is working with you to renovate you local school and is keenly aware of key delivery dates and how important it is to keep to those dates in order to gain full grant aid from the local education board.  Tom designs the schedule and adds feeding buffers to important sections of the schedule. What learning was Tom most likely applying from his recent course.


Althris Submission 2016 (Modified after we submitted to remove Tom and Builder)

In the Monitoring and Controlling process group, one of the primary goals is to monitor and control the project work. What is another equally important and major goal of the monitoring and control process?

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