Sample  I Quizz

This is a 20 question I sample quizz, it its a fair reflection of the PSM and a slightly more difficult than CSM questions. More difficult questions have been added recently to to the quizz so be sure that any tests you do are recent versions (Summer 2017).

Its 15 minutes long which reflects the timings in the real exam, register on the site to get more sample exams.

ScrumMaster I Sample (Open) Quiz

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    • david
      david says:

      Peter more detailed responses with reasoning are available for the loggin question but dont hesitate to contact me with particular questions and I’ll add them in.

  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    Ensuring all staff can see the product backlog is an example of which Scrum pillar
    The correct answer is transparency, not visibility, since visibility is not a pillar of Scrum.
    The agile manifesto clearly defines the role of testing as critical
    Its false, the Agile Manifesto does not mention testing as anything (crítical or not)

  2. Shauna Cotter
    Shauna Cotter says:

    Great Quiz, I used this as part of my study for PSMI. I think a couple of these questions actually came up exactly the same in the exam.

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