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Sample I Quiz

PSM Quizz (Session 2)  – Althris Training Dublin

Welcome to your Scrum Master (Session 2) PSM I


In Scrum, the development team decides which events or ceremonies take place during a Sprint?


Who is responsible for maximising the value of the product backlog?

3. What is the most effective way to order the product backlog?
4. Scrum Mandates the use of User Stories

The feedback from the sprint review impacts the next sprint planning


Who tracks work remaining in the Product Backlog?

7. What type of control is Scrum?

If you are truly doing scrum, you should release to production at the end of each Sprint?


Typically calculated in story points this is the rate at which the team converts items ins a single sprint

10. A baseline Product Backlog is called
11. Which two things do not occur in the first sprint?
12. Scrum Mandates the use of Burndown Charts
13. Match the following activity
14. Only the development team is required to attend the Daily Scrum
15. Work that does not meet the definition of Done should be completed in the next Sprint?
16. Scrum does not scale to large teams
17. When does Product refinement occur?
18. When is a Sprint Finished?
19. Which ones of the following main roles are defined by Scrum Framework?

You are working with management on the project planning processes. They want to know why you’re spending time on risk management planning so early in the project planning. Which one of the following is the best response to management’s concern?

21. The cost of correcting defects is found to be the highest for those which are
22. What is the process for aggregating the estimated cost of individual activities or work packages to establish a cost baseline known as

A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the preliminary project scope statement and the project charter. The first thing the project manager must do is:


Tom the builder (General Contractor or Main Contractor) and project manager has recently been been on an up-skilling course organised by the Institute of structural engineers. Tom is working with you to renovate you local school and is keenly aware of key delivery dates and how important it is to keep to those dates in order to gain full grant aid from the local education board.  Tom designs the schedule and adds feeding buffers to important sections of the schedule. What learning was Tom most likely applying from his recent course.


Althris Submission 2016 (Modified after we submitted to remove Tom and Builder)


In the Monitoring and Controlling process group, one of the primary goals is to monitor and control the project work. What is another equally important and major goal of the monitoring and control process?

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