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Sample I Quizz

This is a 20 question I sample quizz, it its a fair reflection of the PSM and a slightly more difficult than CSM questions. More difficult questions have been added recently to to the quizz so be sure that any tests you do are recent versions (Summer 2017).

Its 15 minutes long which reflects the timings in the real exam, register on the site to get more sample exams.

Welcome to your ScrumMaster I Sample (Open) Quiz

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1. Which statement best describes the Sprint Review
2. What is the recommended size for a Team (of developers) within the Scrum Team?
3. The reason the Scrum Master is at the Daily Scrum is:
4. Which technique is the LEAST productive way for the Scrum Master to ensure that the Team communicates effectively with the Product Owner?
5. At a minimum, what is necessary to start a Sprint using Scrum?
6. The Team should have all the skills needed to:
7. The Product Backlog is sorted by
8. What does it mean to say that an event has a timebox?
9. When a Team determines that it has overcommitted itself for a Sprint, who has to be present when reviewing and adjusting the Sprint goal and work?
10. The CEO asks the Team to add a story to the current Sprint. What should the Team do?
11. The development team should be present at the following Scrum events
12. Under which of these circumstance is Scrum the most appropriate approach?
13. What are features of the agile manifesto?
14. What holds the scrum events, roles and artifacts together?
15. The agile manifesto clearly defines the role of testing as critical
16. Scrum can be described as :
17. Ensuring all staff can see the product backlog is an example of which Scrum pillar
18. Which statement best describes the Sprint Review
19. When might a Sprint be abnormally terminated
20. The Development Team should have all the skills needed to:
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